Monday, 7 May 2012

The Quotable Doctor Who
2000 Quotations about the World's Favourite Time Lord

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Dr Who's Peter Davison goes insane at Heathrow Airport!

The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, in an interview in this month's Saga magazine, was asked "What's the silliest thing you did recently?"

His reply, "Making a DVD for a Doctor Who convention, I couldn't attend. I filmed it myself at Heathrow Airport, acting as the Doctor. People must have thought I was insane."

So, 'The Quotable Doctor Who' wants to know what's the silliest Dr Who related thing you have ever done?

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dr Who: Colin Baker - the Sixth Doctor Who - has materialised on Twitter under the clever code-name of SawbonesHex.

Welcome, Colin Baker
to the world of Dr Who Twitter.

Tweeting under the cheeky nom de plume of @SawbonesHex, the Sixth Dr Who has joined the twittering thousands of Doctor Who fans on Twitter and has already built up a large number of followers.

In his Twitter profile, Colin describes himself as: "Actor, columnist, writer, husband, father, Wycombe Wanderers fan, grumpy old man."

dr who colin baker sawboneshex sixth doctor who
Colin Baker - The Sixth Dr Who
So what can we expect from a real Doctor Who in his forthcoming Tweets?

If his first few offerings are anything to go by - and knowing Colin's comical nature - we are in for a treat of Tweets, as the following early epigrams prove:

"Woken to find I have 3260 followers! Quick Colin - do something interesting... erm - er ...boiled egg and soldiers perhaps while I think."
14 Mar 2011

"Am sitting with Derek in the Ideal Home Exhibition being told by a strange lady that she can't stand Dr Who - sigh!"
12 Mar 2011

As Colin has not been on Twitter too long - his first Tweet was only four days ago - it is too soon to really judge what 140 character long insights and pearls of wisdom he will shower us with. But, he has - in the past - been one of the more vocal of the Eleven Doctors on speaking about and supporting the show and the character. So, to welcome Colin to Twitter, here are a few of our favourite Baker's Treats from his time on the show ...

On previously appearing as Commander Maxil in 'Arc of Infinity' (1983) - "In one episode I actually shot Peter Davison, but this was in no way an attempt on my part to get his job."

"It is everybody's dream to play their hero, whether it is Lancelot or Biggles or Doctor Who, because they are characters in modern mythology."

dr who colin baker sawboneshex sixth doctor who twitter
@SawBonesHex - Big Outfit & Big Hair
"It was John Nathan-Turner's edict for me to have big hair. He thought that short-back-and-sides was not the Doctor."

"Doctor Who is special, it's a huge part in the British public's consciousness."

"The good thing about Doctor Who is that it does carry messages. Behind every story, if you look for it, it is usually making some other point. The tolerance of violence on television goes with swings of the pendulum, and we have to go with whatever is publically acceptable."

"We were told there is one Golden Rule: no hanky-panky in the TARDIS."

On the BBC's decision to temporarily postpone the series in 1985 - "I'm astounded that the BBC sees fit to axe its most popular product. The programme is part of the British way of life. If I were an ordinary member of the public I would express my rage."

On news of the 2005 reboot - "Fantastic! The backs of sofas, which haven't been visited by children much in the last 15 years, are going to be busy, We're moving ours away from the wall in readiness. A whole new generation have their own Doctor about to happen."

"I don't know if it's a prompted memory, but people still say, 'I used to hide behind the sofa.' If Doctor Who came back, think of all those backs of sofas that have been lonely for so long they are suddenly going to have children behind them again."

"I have four daughters aged 15 to 22 and as far as they were concerned, Doctor Who was like listening to the radio in the Fifties, it was a thing of the past. But now they are all hooked on the New Series and because they liked the new one they went back and got my old episodes to watch and suddenly it's made me a hero in my own home."

On the possibility of making a reappearance in the New Series - "I take every job on its merits. I'm not not keen, nor am I sitting here waiting for the call. It's so unlikely to happen that I don't spend much time thinking about it. I don't look the same. I started playing the part 25 years ago! Peter Davison does still look pretty much like he did then, but not me. I suspect I could play a part in the New Series without you even knowing it was me."

On the 11th Doctor - "As if David Tennant hadn't already proved the visibly beneficial power of time-travel on the genes, the new one, Matt Smith is so young that he is likely to be asked for ID if he tries to purchase an intergalactic gargle blaster in licensed premises either side of the Atlantic."


On his pre-Doctor role as Commander Maxil in Arc of Infinity - "I cast Colin because I liked him as an actor, and as a person he has a tremendous sense of humour. He’s a very intelligent guy and he’s bringing a lot of himself to the part, especially in the form of this dry wit."
Ron Jones - Dr. Who director

"Colin Baker, a decent-enough actor who got stuck with the least-appealing personality of any Doctor, and the worst costume in the entire history of television itself."
Christopher Bahn on (2010)

"It would certainly be gratifying to witness the resurfacing of the character's old disdain and distance, which manifested itself to a greater or lesser extent in each incarnation from William Hartnell's irascible professor to Sylvester McCoy's scatterbrained yet ruthless game-player, peaking with the blisteringly arrogant and vainglorious Sixth Doctor, performed with camp abandon by Colin Baker in the mid-80s."
Joe Stannard on (2008)

"Colin always was a damn fine actor and a damned fine Doctor. He plays the role with care, consummate professional skill and you would have to be blind as an exceptionally short-sighted bat not to notice that he is having the time of his life doing it."  
Michael Angus in The Celestial Toymaker (1992)

"Though dressed in the most ungodly attire ever seen on television, the sheer awfulness of Season 23 left Colin the much maligned innocent pleading for decorum while the panto rages around him. Under these circumstances, even Billy Hartnell would have appeared to have been playing it deadpan."
Michael Haslett in Skaro 6 (1992)

"Despite Colin Baker giving a grandiose theatrical performance that the micro-budgeted show just can't take, he occasionally delivers moments of quiet angst and subtlety."
Jonathan Wilkins on (2009)

"Colin tried his best to raise scripts literally written on horse s**t with cow-pie pencils to something watchable, but even Anthony Hopkins couldn't have saved Colin's Doctor stories."
Penny Sautereau-Fife on (2009)

"It's harder to take this Doctor seriously than it was with any other Doctor. I don't blame Colin Baker: I blame that he was given so little to work with. He was saddled with a steep uphill clownishness that it would have been hard for any actor to get over."
MaryAnn Johanson on (2010)

For more on Colin Baker, click here to visit his Official Website.

All the above quotes can also be found in the Blue Eyed Books' publications The Quotable Doctor Who: Volume One and Volume Two.
Click here for more information on both volumes.

Click here to follow the 'Quotable Doctor Who' on Twitter for more Dr Who quotes and quotations.

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Happy Birthday Alex Kingston aka River Song in Dr Who

Happy Birthday Alex Kingston

aka Professor River Song in Doctor Who

Today marks the birthday of Alex Kingston, the English actress famous for her roles as Dr Elizabeth Corday (in E.R.), Queen Boudica, Moll Flanders, Helen Maynard in Marchlands and a host of other film roles including Croupier and Alpha Dog, plus cameos on TV in CSI, Without A Trace, Peak Practice, Flash Forward and The Bill.

But Alex, born in Epsom, Surrey in 1963, is best known to Doctor Who fans as the enigmatic and extremely sexy Professor River Song.

To celebrate Alex's birthday today, here is a selection of quotes by Alex and about the actress and River Song.

Alex Kingston is Prof. River Song

"I've always wanted to be like Sigourney Weaver in Alien; this is probably as close as I'll get."

"I like the character. She's feisty. It's a nice meaty role in a fun television show. I decided that she's a female Indiana Jones because she's a time-travelling archaeologist and you don't get to play those roles very often at my age."

"She has met this Doctor before, although he hasn’t met her yet in his incarnation, except that he remembers when he was David Tennant. He remembers seeing her die - so he knows her future. He knows the bit she doesn’t know - God it’s so complicated!"

Comparing 'Doctor Who' to 'E.R.' - "The budgets are smaller but everyone works just as hard. Someone told me I’m going to get a River Song action figure. I don’t quite believe it. You don’t get that on E.R."


Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead (2008)
"Alex Kingston - effortlessly hip in a slim-fitting astronaut's suit - playing Professor River Song. If Clint Eastwood were a woman, this would be her."
Benjamin Cook in The Radio Times (2008)

"We don’t yet know what the significance of River Song’s relationship with the Doctor is, but what we do know is that Kingston and Tennant have a fantastic on-screen chemistry with each other. Obviously there’s something with Tennant where he clicks with 40-something redheads. Sorry Kylie."
Iain M Hepburn on (2008)

"The calm poise Kingston brings to River Song taking the wind of out David Tennant’s usually full sails like never before in the course of the series."
Mark Wright on (2008)

"The Doctor's backwards love interest, the kick-ass space-archaeologist Professor River Song."
Daniel Martin in The Guardian (2010)

The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone (2010)
On being asked to reprise her role - "I was quite surprised, I thought I died in my previous episode!"
Alex Kingston (2010)

River Song: "Have gun ... will time-travel!"
"A typical piece of Moffat timey-wimey plotting, reintroducing us to River Song, as sassy and loveable as ever. Alex Kingston looks like she’s having a riot. Also, her relationship with the more geeky Doctor Eleven is possibly even more fun than it was with Doctor Ten."
Dave Golder on (2010)

"Sharing guest star status with the returning foe is Alex Kingston as the enigmatic River Song. Alex Kingston’s portrayal of this adventurer was the highlight of season four and she makes a welcome return here, sparring with the Doctor from the get-go. Sexy, confident and witty, River Song is an intriguing character, and there’s the implication that she’s more than the Doctor’s wife. Might she actually be a future version of the Doctor him / herself? Fandom would probably explode, but it’d certainly be funny."
Jonathan Wilkins on (2010)

"In the space of three short episodes featuring River Song (and the awesome Alex Kingston), we’ve gone from 'The Doctor’s what?' to 'No, she can’t really be the Doctor’s wife - that’s too obvious.' "
Maryann Johanson on (2010)

"If you’re like me, you’ve probably already stopped wondering who this River Song woman is and have simply accepted her as an occasional bonus companion whenever the Doctor’s situation looks especially bleak."
Patrick Riley on (2010)

The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang (2010)
"There was still room to weave River Song still further into the Doctor’s life, although hers are mysteries still yet to come (she’s the woman to call if there’s a Dalek to kill, mind)."
Simon Brew on (2010)

"The glamorous and inscrutable Ms. Song ... the most emblematic character of the Moffat era ... She really is sort of a female Captain Jack. She's from the future, like Jack. She's flirty and impure and takes time travel in her stride, and is a bit of a con artist/rogue. She reminds me of how much fun Jack was before he became immortal and a boss."
Charlie Jane Anders on (2010)


Happy Birthday John Barrowman 

Tribute to the late Nicholas Courtney - The Brigadier 

Happy Birthday Christopher Eccleston 

Happy Birtday Elisabeth Sladen 

Happy Birthday Tom Baker 

Happy Birthday Nicholas Courtney 


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Happy Birthday John Barrowman aka Captain Jack on Dr Who / Torchwood

Happy Birthday John Barrowman
aka Captain Jack Harkness
on Doctor Who / Torchwood

Capt Jack Harkness + The Doctor + Martha
One of the best-loved actors to have appeared in the Dr Who series reboot celebrates his birthday today. John Barrowman who plays, the bisexual time-agent cum erstwhile companion of the Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness in both Doctor Who and his spin-off series Torchwood was born - in Glasgow - on this day in 1967.

To celebrate his 44th birthday here are a few quotations about John and Captain Jack ...

JOHN B. on Capt. Jack Harkness
"There's a lot of me in Captain Jack and there's a lot of Captain Jack in me. And there is no pun intended."

"I'm a grown man who gets to go to work every day and fight aliens, play with guns and kiss beautiful people. What more could I ask for?"

"When I go back to Doctor Who, I have to readjust and do things differently because Jack is not the leader, he's just part of a team. Jack is the brawn in that organisation, whereas in Torchwood, he's the brain and the brawn."

Others on John / Jack
John Barrowman's Autobiography
"Captain Jack Harkness makes his debut [in The Empty Child - 2005], and becomes one of the great fictitious captains in history."
Seth Moore on (2010)

"Enter Captain Jack, the 51st-century denizen who has evolved past bisexuality, past polysexuality, past pansexuality, into the realm of the just plain horny. As long as it might be able to say "Yes," it's a potential partner."
Whitney Cox on (2006)

It was ... the introduction of gorgeous pansexual eye-candy Captain Jack Harkness that made the First Series of the revival watchable."
Penny Sautereau-Fife on (2009)

"Captain Jack is so boring. If I'm gonna have to look at his face and acting, then they might as well hire David Duchvony."
Matthew Milam on (2006)

"Jack Harkness is played with gung-ho camp by John Barrowman, having appeared last year in Doctor Who as - steady, chaps - a bare-chested piece of homoerotic cheesecake."
David Belcher on (2006)

"In Jack regalia, Barrowman looks like Tom Cruise with suspenders, but minus the Scientology. (Except for when he starts musing about 'alien intervention,' 'mind probes,' and 'sleeper agents...ready to take over')."
Ken Tucker on (2008)

Above quotations taken from The Quotable Doctor Who - Volume One.


Happy Birthday Alex Kingston aka River Song

Tribute to the late Nicholas Courtney - The Brigadier 

Happy Birthday Christopher Eccleston 

Happy Birtday Elisabeth Sladen 

Happy Birthday Tom Baker 

Happy Birthday Nicholas Courtney 

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dr Who: Bernie Ecclestone evokes memories of Doctor Who and Davros


Formula One supremo and Doctor Who villain in waiting?

BEN CARTER on posted an article about Formula One supremo and "the now silver-haired 80-year-old Bernie Ecclestone from Suffolk." Nothing new about an Australian motor racing blog taken a pot shot at old Bernie. But, Ben shows he's a long-time Doctor Who fan as he makes several allusions to Dr Who characters and storylines ...

Bernie aka Dr Who #1 William Hartnell
"Ecclestone, who variously appears to be considered as either a genial-looking type in the mould of an early incarnation of Doctor Who or challenging Wikileaks’ main main Julian Assange for best-James-Bond- villain-in-waiting-for-MGM-writers, has been ruling the sport of Formula One racing with a maniacal streak matching Who baddie and Dalek creator Davros for the last few years."

The main thrust of Ben's post was about Bernie's idea for introducing artificial rainfall during F1 races to make the action more exciting in the wet. Such climactically questionable thinking put Ben in mind of the evil creator of the Daleks ...

"This is a man clutching at straws. Like Cricket Australia – and, in some ways, the AFL – it’s structural changing of the game for the sake of a short-term wide-eyed impulse, with little thought of the consequences. Just like Davros and his best-ever rants at his arch-enemy, the Doctor, really. Some thirty years later, Davros, almost inexplicably after falling into a black hole, was back in The Stolen Earth."

For the full article, go to

btw Bernie is no relation to Christopher Eccleston - the 9th Doctor.

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dr Who: Far from Mundane Day on Twitter for Doctor Who Fans

"Mundane Dr Who" is far from boring for Doctor Who Twitterers

After a day of idle thought (Well, Eric Idle thought maybe) a number of Doctor Who fans wiled away their time submitting their suggestions for Mundane Dr Who shows on Twitter under the hash tag of #mundanedrwho. The idea was to come up with slight variations of real Dr. Who shows that would make them boring in some way.

Follow Us on Twitter (@QuotableDrWho)

Here are some of our favourite submissions ... as well as being a fun read some suggestions do make you stop and think about what the real show title was.

The following were suggested by a number of Twitterers ...

The Nice Warriors


Spearmints from Mars

Terror of the Zygotes

Daleks In Matalan

The Dalek Invasion of Perth

The following appeared to be the sole work of these Twitterers ...

The Unquiet Deaf

The Files of Pompeii

Tea-Time and the Rani


The AOL 30 Day Trial Of A Time Lord

The Tampons of Weng-Chiang

The Unrinsible Enema

The Rooibos Operation

The Bran of Morbius

The Pantry Door Opens

The Keys of A Morris Marina

The Claws of Argos

The Planet of Ikeas

The Cursor of Peladon

The Caves of Andrew Sachs

The Ledger

The Macrame Terror

The Celestial Teamaker

The Julie Walters of Mars

The Hedge of Destruction

Some suggestions from us at The Quotable Doctor Who (@QuotableDrWho) ...

Planet of the Itsy-Bitsy Spiders

Carnival Cruise of Monsters

Ambassadors of Ferrero Rocher

The Kind Robber


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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dr Who: Nicholas Courtney 1929-2011 - Tributes to The Brigadier pour in.

With the very sad news that Doctor Who has lost one of its legends in Nicholas Courtney, who so memorably brought Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart to our TV screens.

The following are just some of the thousands of tributes that have poured in proving that The Brig was more than a much-loved character and Nicholas Courtney was more than a perfect gentleman ...

RIP: Nicholas Courtney - The Brigadier
Nicholas Courtney official site obituary - GreyhoundLeader
This site will be setting up a special page for condolences to be left.

"The Brigadier is dead ... We shall miss him terribly."
Tom Baker

"Desperately sad to hear that Nicholas Courtney has passed away. A childhood hero and the sweetest of gentlemen. Splendid chap. All of him. x"
Mark Gatiss

"Doctor Who 'Brigadier' Nicholas Courtney dies aged 81"
BBC News Obituary

"Legendary Doctor Who actor who played The Brigadier opposite five Time Lords dies aged 81"
Daily Mail Obituary

The Telegraph Obituary

The Express obituary

"Nicholas Courtney, Doctor Who's legendary Brigadier, mourned by fans ... The time-space continuum feels a little bit smaller without him in it."
Dan Martin  in The Guardian

"Doctor Who actor Nicholas Courtney dies"
The Mirror Obituary

"Doctor Who legend dies at 81."
Jen Blackburn in The Sun

The Brigadier with Doctor Who #3, Sarah Jane & UNIT
"Nicholas Courtney is a trending topic on Twitter. I shouldn't be surprised, I don't think anyone ever had a bad word to say about him."
Tom Spilsbury - Editor of Doctor Who magazine

"Very sad news about Nicholas Courtney. A true gentleman, a wonderful actor, a dear friend - splendid chap, all of him."
Barnaby Edwards

"Nick Courtney really meant something to my generation of Who fans. His performance- funny, emotional, restrained, human - heart of the show."
Paul Cornell

"Has no words to decribe the loss of Nicholas Courtney, a true gentleman and much loved icon. RIP, with a heavy heart."
Toby Hadoke

"To those wondering, actor Nicholas Courtney has died. He played the Brigadier in Doctor Who for many years. He was one of life's good guys."
Clayton Hickman

"Nicholas Courtney will be very much missed. A brilliant actor and warm, charming man. God rest him."
Jon Culshaw

"Aw...Nick Courtney is trending worldwide. Feel the love. RIP"
Murray Gold

Nicholas Courtney's Autobiography
Scott Matthewman in The Stage

Frank Collins on Cathode Ray Tube

Simon Brew on DenOfGeek

Christian Cawley on Kasterborous

MaryAnn Johanson on FlickFilosopher

John Bensalhia on Shadowlocked

Chuck Foster on The Doctor Who News Page

Ryan Love on Digital Spy

Edstrading's YouTube video tribute

As our own offering on this sad day, we would like to point you in the direction of our Nicholas Courtney 81st Birthday tribute on 16 Dec 2010 - which contains a lot of great quotes by and about Nicholas and the Brig.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dr Who New Series Poll - Choose the best Doctor Who series since 2005.

Doctor Who Poll

Vote for the best Dr Who series 2005-2010

With the Sixth Series of Doctor Who fast approaching, here is your chance to vote for the best series since Dr Who returned to our TV screens in 2005.

Not that you should need reminding, but here are some of the key points from each of the series to date ...

Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
Main Companions: Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith.
Highlights: Rose, Dalek, Fathers Day, The Empty Child.

Doctor Who 10 & 9: Tennant & Eccleston
Doctor: David Tennant
Main Companions: Rose Tyler.
Highlights: School Reunion, The Girl in the Fireplace, Doomsday.

Doctor: David Tennant
Main Companions: Martha Jones
Highlights: Human Nature, Blink, Utopia.

Doctor: David Tennant
Main Companions: Donna Noble
Highlights: The Doctor's Daughter, Silence in the Library, Journey's End.

SPECIALS - 2008-09
Doctor: David Tennant
Main Companions: Jackson Lake, Christina De Souza, Adelaide Brooke, Wilf Mott.
Highlights: The Next Doctor, Waters of Mars, The End of Time.

Doctor: Matt Smith
Main Companions: Amy Pond, Rory Williams.
Highlights: The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels, The Pandorica Opens.

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dr Who Video: Winston Churchill speaks about "The Quotable Doctor Who" quotes book

Doctor Who Video: Winston Churchill chimes in on
"The Quotable Doctor Who" quotes book

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