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Dr Who National TV Awards - Doctor Who Top Tweets on the NTA voting.

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Matt & Dermot - NTA Intro sequence
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After the 'shocking' events at last night's National Television Awards (NTAs) that saw Doctor Who awardless for the first time in living memory, we have collected together some of the best tweets about the NTAs and the Dr Who snub. The show itself lost out to Waterloo Road for Best TV Drama, while Matt Smith was beaten to Best TV actor by David Jason.

"Waterloo Road is, without a doubt, the best drama on TV. Except for all the other much better dramas of course"

"#NTAs. Doctor Who was robbed. Hush to all those saying it's because RTD left. @steven_moffat is the messiah & its never been better. SO THERE"

"I agree with the #NTAs, a digger driven into a school is win. Great scripts & actors like in #Sherlock & #DrWho just don't cut it anymore."

"Whovians and Sherlock fans - we listened too well to @steven_moffat when he asked for an exact draw! Damn the vote split!"

"#Sherlock is #DoctorWho's Moriarty, they fell over votes waterfall - together! #ntas @Steven_Moffat just too good, they were evenly matched."

"Next series, @steven_moffat, write more jokes into Sherlock so it can win Best Comedy and Doctor Who can win Best Drama again."

"@steven_moffat I wouldn't worry about not winning one of those pointless awards. We all know you make quality telly anyway! :)"

"Bah! Is it too late for Doctor Who and Sherlock to form a coalition?"

"Was #DrWho going to win at the National Television Awards? Of course not: it's better & less popular than it was"

"Doctor Who always won at the National Television Awards under Labour. Bloody Tories."

@gmp24_0 The Police
"We're letting the prisoners watch the #NTAs. The fact that Waterloo Road beat Doctor Who and Sherlock are making them riot. Thanks."

"Quoi ?! Ni Doctor Who ni Sherlock n'a remporté la catégorie "Best Drama Series" aux NTA. Y'a un problème là..."

"Maybe it was the reaction to the new Daleks which put some people off! I'm clutching at straws!"

"Yes, I'm a Tennant fan. No, I'm not blaming our dear little Matt Smith. I think he is just as brilliant."

"The bitching that was going between Tennant fans & Smith fans over who was to blame for it was beyond childish"

"Doctor Who and Matt Smith didn't win NTAs becausse viewers feared that Smith would be announcing his resignation - just like Tennant did."

"Whatever, i still think #DoctorWho and #MattSmith have been fantastic! We missed out tonight but that won't stop us being fans!!"

"Would be nice to see the Doctor take something home tonight, other than a dry cleaned tweed from Dot's!"

"Gallifrey Base is down right now, possibly flooded with messages from smug Waterloo Road fans."

"After losing to Waterloo Road, the next series of Doctor Who will be set on a school!
It'll be set in a girl's boarding school so they can have Amy in a school uniform. That'll get them votes!!"

"Recorded #NTA & turned it off after #DrWho lost. Sad times. Shall have to put my Dr Who boxset on to cheer up. Next year it's yours Doctor!"

"#ntas kills #doctorwho fandom in one clean move"

"Still stunned that both 'Doctor Who' AND 'Sherlock' came away empty handed from last night's #NTAs. I predict success at BAFTAs instead"

"Ok, #doctorwho didn't win a #nta. But no other programme got a whole mini-episode right at the beginning. Therefore, it wins."

"Wonders when the 'will the #DoctorWho #NTAs scene be a DVD extra questions' will start up?"

"Miss the Doctor Who scene with Matt Smith & Dermot O'Leary (amongst others) from last night's NTAs? See it here - "

We were also active last night during the NTAs and here are some of our offerings that were retweeted by others, so someone must have liked them ...

"If Matt Smith does not win Best Actor, Dermot deserves to be locked in the Pandorica with Louie Spence, Gillian McKeith & Andy Gray."

"Matt Smith's been shafted by DelBoy!"

"Good old Bruce Forsyth ... would have made a great Doctor Who ... a "Time Lord of the Dance" perhaps?"

"Just worked out that this year #NTAs stands for "No Timelords Allowed" ... oh well, here's to Series 6 and more Matt Smith mayhem"

"For #drwho fans who are bemoaning the lack of success at #ntas ... 'Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.' Jesse Owens"

"#DrWho fans heal the #NTAs hurt ... WIN Official #DoctorWho 2011 Calendars. 3 brand new Series 5 calendars to be won "

If you have a Twitter account and don't follow any of the above Who tweeters, check out their Twitter pages ... there's a lot of great WHO stuff going down across the Twitterverse.

If you have anything to add to any of the above tweets or have somehting fresh to say about the NTAs, please use the comments box below ...

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