Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dr Who: Bernie Ecclestone evokes memories of Doctor Who and Davros


Formula One supremo and Doctor Who villain in waiting?

BEN CARTER on posted an article about Formula One supremo and "the now silver-haired 80-year-old Bernie Ecclestone from Suffolk." Nothing new about an Australian motor racing blog taken a pot shot at old Bernie. But, Ben shows he's a long-time Doctor Who fan as he makes several allusions to Dr Who characters and storylines ...

Bernie aka Dr Who #1 William Hartnell
"Ecclestone, who variously appears to be considered as either a genial-looking type in the mould of an early incarnation of Doctor Who or challenging Wikileaks’ main main Julian Assange for best-James-Bond- villain-in-waiting-for-MGM-writers, has been ruling the sport of Formula One racing with a maniacal streak matching Who baddie and Dalek creator Davros for the last few years."

The main thrust of Ben's post was about Bernie's idea for introducing artificial rainfall during F1 races to make the action more exciting in the wet. Such climactically questionable thinking put Ben in mind of the evil creator of the Daleks ...

"This is a man clutching at straws. Like Cricket Australia – and, in some ways, the AFL – it’s structural changing of the game for the sake of a short-term wide-eyed impulse, with little thought of the consequences. Just like Davros and his best-ever rants at his arch-enemy, the Doctor, really. Some thirty years later, Davros, almost inexplicably after falling into a black hole, was back in The Stolen Earth."

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btw Bernie is no relation to Christopher Eccleston - the 9th Doctor.

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