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After a random dip into the Twittersphere here is a selection of our favourite Doctor Who related Tweets on Twitter from the last few days (along with our comments) ... which all just goes to prove how much people are talking and Tweeting about the Doctor.

Not surprising that the Xmas Special gets a good mention ... also great to see a number of Tweets from outside the UK proving that Who is a universal family.

And speaking of family ... please note that some of the following Tweets use "adult" language.


@jsie : Just had a dream I was watching a Doctor Who film made for the American market. It was rubbish. :/

That may not have been a bad dream, it may have been the 1996 movie ... ?


@IvyWolf : I think I just got infected with Dr. Who obsession :D

Join the club and don't forget to get your booster shot.


@Esabuddha : Samantha Who? Doctor Who?

Oooh! Christina Applegate for the next Who Companion?


@rizqkramadhani : successfully seducing my brother into watching Doctor Who. LOL

Hmmmm! Not too sure about this one. Who may be one big happy family but this is taking it too far.


@patricksamphire : Is it Heresy to say that Doctor Who was actually shite before Russell Davies rebooted it?

No, it's not heresy, it may well be Whoretical ... but it is WRONG!


@jiggatravels : After watching Doctor Who, I am now more sure than ever that the next Doctor needs to be Rupert Grint. the end.

Grint would fit the ginger quotient but would make a better enemy in a seasonal episode called "The Grint Who Stole Christmas."


@velociranga : Random guy on the train just complemented me on my Doctor Who messenger bag. My day has been made!

Must have fashion accessory for Xmas ... a Dr Who messenger bag - somewhere useful to store your screwdriver, psychic papers and jelly babies.


@KrisAnneRegeth : if netflix can't figure out how i feel about Doctor Who without my star rating, perhaps they aren't worthy of my business.

What star system does Netflix use in its ratings for Doctor Who?


@LilMissBovvered : You know what they need? An amusement park based entirely on Dr Who/ Torchwood/ Sarah Jane.

There's already a Who Amusement Park ... it's called Six Flags over Gallifrey.


@JayCowle : Nick Clegg's not bound by a contract or a promise. If he breaks free from Time he could become the next evil timelord. Watch out Dr Who.

The Doctor has no worries. He'd make mince meat (and more probably mince pies at this time of year) out of any politician cum evil time lord.


@birdyzine : Douglas Adam's Dirk Gently TV show for BBC coming soon - hopefully more like Sherlock and less like Dr Who

@ElegantFeather : Okay, why did no one tell me Douglas Adams wrote for old Doctor Who?

Our fav Douglas Adams quote about the Doctor ... "The thing about the way the Doctor works is that there should always be a fierce logic behind what he does. Now logic can sometimes appear to be absolutely manic."

Quotation taken from The Quotable Doctor Who ....


Finally, hooray for Xmas ...

@FelicityHannah : This time of year, I do worry that people forget the real meaning of Christmas. DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL!

@Mr_McQwerty : I'd quite like to see a Dr. Who Christmas Special that had next to nothing to do with the holiday other than its airing.

@DSP_DJ : Nothing better than getting pissed Christmas eve, going pub Christmas day, munch with the famalam, eastenders, Doctor Who, sleep, more drink

@dagobahbabe : After perusing the Radio Times I have now declared Christmas TV to be utter wank apart from Dr Who.

Coming soon, our selection of quotes and reviews from past Christmas Specials to get us all in the mood for this year's special. Here's a cracker just for starters ...

The Christmas Invasion (2005) - "Casanova, in pyjamas, fighting the Sycorax with a broadsword? What greater gift could womankind receive on Christmas Day?"
Caitlin Moran in The Times (2005)


Check back in with Who Said What About Who for more random Tweets on Doctor Who.

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