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Doctor Who - A to Z of Quotations about Dr Who from The Quotable Doctor Who quotes book series

An A to Z of

To celebrate the publication of the First Volume in The Quotable Doctor Who quotes series by Blue Eyed Books, co-authors Colin M Jarman and Catherine A Davies have selected a personal A to Z of Quotations about the world's favourite time-travelling TV show.

These quotes cover the Doctor himself, actors who have played the Time Lord, companions, enemies and monsters and other stuff associated with the ever-expanding Whoniverse.

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The Quotable Doctor Who series,

"Karen Gillan, as sidekick Amy, was a fine foil ... Gillan, to use the X Factor argot, 110 per cent nailed it. Ballsy, bewildered, aghast and simultaneously delighted, she only let the sisterhood down by gambolling around in a skirt the size of a placemat."
Benji Wilson in The Daily Telegraph (2010)

"Doctor Who's main sidekick for the better part of a decade, the Brigadier had an upper lip so stiff, it even had a thick moustache as an extra stiffener."
Charlie Jane Anders on io9.com (2010)

"Everyone’s second favourite bad guys, the Cybermen."
James Whittingham on Kasterborous.com (2010)

"Why do the master race Daleks [in Victory of the Daleks] look like cut-price Mac Book Pros crossed with embarrassing sex toys?"
Adam Mason on Alltern8.com (2010)

"Ah, yes, the Doctor. He's Christopher Eccleston, of course, casting as inspired as making Vincent D'Onofrio a cop."
Damien Love in The Sunday Herald (2005)

"I like meeting the fans. They come up and say, 'I wasn't alive when you were doing it.' "
Frazer Hines

"Mark Gatiss, [as Prof Lazarus in The Lazarus Experiment] who has been patiently waiting for the call since he was six, doesn’t squander his chance to chew the scenery in the way that only Doctor Who villains can."
Mark Wright on TheStage.co.uk (2007)

"William Hartnell was the only real Doctor Who. All the rest were just a way of stretching the programme out."
Roger Jackson on BBC.co.uk (2003)

"Ian Chesterton, a posh buffoon with a penchant for hoofing about and much 'Oh, Crikey!' derring-do."

"Captain Jack Harkness makes his debut [in The Empty Child], and becomes one of the great fictitious captains in history."
Seth Moore on GutMunchers.com (2010)

"The robotic pet K-9, the metallic dog that ran around like a demented Russell Hobbs kettle on wheels rather than a Jack Russell terrier."
Brian Courtis on TheAge.com.au (2003)

"Leela, a scantily clad member of the Sevateem tribe, who provided a little maribou fringing to the Doctor's cape. Metaphorically speaking."
Laura Barton in The Guardian (2005)

"Martha Jones is many things Billie Piper's Rose was not: educated, black, middle-class and clear-skinned among them."
Andrew Billen in The Times (2007)

"The Nimon - half bull, half middle-aged extra in Timpsons platforms."
Sarah Dempster in The Guardian (2005)

"I invented the name. It's nice, isn't it? I thought, 'Well, I loved inventing the Slitheen and Raxacoricofallapatorius; and then I thought, 'Why don't I just call something the Ood?' I did want them to be a bit odd."
Russell T. Davies in The Radio Times (2006)

"Jon Pertwee's tenancy of the TARDIS from 1970 to 1974 is widely regarded as the golden era of the series. Tom Baker had a heroic stab at the role, but no one could quite match the Edwardian self-expression, the stick-insect stalk."
Serena Mackesy in The Independent (1996)

"This week, Tennant and Piper met Queen Victoria. Whenever anyone else but Judi Dench plays Queen Victoria (in this case, Pauline Collins), I get the urge to shout 'Why aren't you Judi Dench?' at the TV, but that turned out to be the least of my problems."
Tom Cox in The Mail on Sunday (2006)

"Every Doctor needs a companion. For his revival, Doctor Who teams up with Rose Tyler, a spunky blue-collar Kewpie doll from 21st century London."
John C. Snider on SciFiDimensions.com (2006)

"Matt Smith is right for the part, isn't he? Look at him. He's got Patrick Troughton's hair and Jon Pertwee's nose and Tom Baker's eyes. He's also got a wonderful meerkat perkiness, a way of moving that's just a tiny bit out of sync with everyone else.
Mark Smith on HeraldScotland.com (2010)

"The TARDIS ... the sci-fi nerd's version of a red convertible."
Ryan Vu on PopMatters.com (2006)

"The cannon fodder in UNIT are creamed again when the Daleks come to town [in Day of the Daleks (1972)]. What do they put on UNIT recruiting posters? 'Join UNIT, see aliens and die. Rapidly'? The sight of UNIT corpses draped over the scenery is a recurring theme that gives this season a very dark edge."

"The Valeyard is the Kavanagh QC of Time Lords, only really spiteful and with a wackier cloak."
Ben Marsden on Wired.co.uk (2009)

"By the end of Flesh & Stone, I have to admit I was a bit confused by the whole blinking / not blinking thing ... Weeping Angels encouraging you to keep your eyes open feels a bit like the Daleks joining a rainbow alliance or The Ice Warriors installing central heating."
Paul Kirkley on BehindTheSofa.org.uk (2010)

"The X-terminate Factor: Saturday night entertainment as Davros and Dalek Caan audition potential allies in their bid to enslave the universe. The X-terminate Factor: You're Fried! will immediately follow with analysis of that week's executions, plus behind-the-scenes footage of Davros reaching near hysteria over relatively trivial matters."
David Brown on RadioTimes.com (2008)

"King Yrcanos played with decibel-raising bluster by Brian Blessed, the warlord shouted and hissed his way through 1986’s Mindwarp like a Nimon in a china shop."
Ben Rawson-Jones on DigitalSpy.co.uk (2009)

"Zoe's from the 21st Century with a cute little upturned nose and bob cut. That, and she's an astrophysicist with a photographic memory and a genius level intelligence. So, a woman who not only looks good but can do vector calculus standing on her head? Be still my oscillating waveform!"
Shaun Clayton on ToplessRobot.com (2010)

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