Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New cover designs unveiled for The Quotable Doctor Who quotes book series Volumes Two and Three.

On the day that Blue Eyed Books officially publish the First volume of their Quotable Doctor Who series of quotes books, they have also revealed the next two cover designs for Volume Two (to be published in Spring 2011) and Volume Three (to be published in Autumn 2011).

Volume Two covers the Doctor's Enemies, Monsters and Other Characters, and
Volume Three covers the Classic Who Episode Guide from 1963 to 1989.

Both new designs follow the same winning formula as the original - an artistic impression of a TARDIS outline with superimposed faces of the subjects featured in the books themselves.

While Volume Three reprises the eight Classic Who Doctors from Volume One, the second volume features a dozen faces representing enemies, monsters and other characters. How many of the 12 half-faces can you recognise? 

The cover design for Volume Four will be released at a later date. Once Blue Eyed Books have agreed on a suitable colour scheme.

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