Thursday, 20 January 2011

Happy Birthday Tom Baker: The 4th Doctor Who Quotes - 77 going on 777

The 4th Doctor Who Quotations 

Happy Birthday: 77 going on 777

To celebrate Tom Baker's 77th birthday today, we have chosen a selection of our favourite Fourth Doctor quotes from the Doctor Who show ...

The 4th Doctor: You may be a doctor, but I am The Doctor. The definite article, one might say.
Robot (1974)

The 4th Doctor: I'm a Time Lord ... I'm not a human being. I walk in eternity.
The Pyramids of Mars (1975)

The 4th Doctor: Killing me isn't going to help you. It isn't going to do me much good either.
The Face of Evil (1977)

The 4th Doctor: The localised condition of planetary atmospheric condensation caused a malfunction in the visual orientation circuits. Or to put it another way, we got lost in the fog.
Horror of Fang Rock (1977)

Boursa: You have access to the greatest source of knowledge in the universe.
The 4th Doctor: Well, I do talk to myself sometimes.
The Invasion of Time (1978)

The 4th Doctor after outwitting Lady Adrasta's chief engineer - Well, to be fair I did have a couple of gadgets he probably didn't ... like a teaspoon and an open mind.
The Creature from the Pit (1979)

Fisk: Your name and date of birth?
The 4th Doctor: I'm called the Doctor. Date of birth ... difficult to remember, sometime quite soon I think.
Nightmare of Eden (1979)

The 4th Doctor: You know, K-9, sometimes I think I'm wasted, just rushing around the universe saving planets from destruction. With a talent like mine, I might have been a great slow bowler.
The Horns of Nimon (1980)

The 4th Doctor: They asked me to stay on, you know ... be a Decider.
Romana: You, a Decider?
The Doctor: Yes. I decided not to.
Full Circle (1980)

The 4th Doctor: Knowing is easy; everyone does that ad nauseam. I just sort of hope.
State of Decay (1980)

And a couple of choice quotes about the Fourth Doctor ...

K-9: Prognostication impossible in matters concerning the Doctor.
The Invasion of Time (1978)

The Countess: My dear, I don't think he's as stupid as he seems.
The Count: My dear, nobody could be as stupid as he seems.
City of Death (1979)

If you have a favourite quote from or about the Fourth Doctor, please share it with us all below in the comments box ... 

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