Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dr Who: Far from Mundane Day on Twitter for Doctor Who Fans

"Mundane Dr Who" is far from boring for Doctor Who Twitterers

After a day of idle thought (Well, Eric Idle thought maybe) a number of Doctor Who fans wiled away their time submitting their suggestions for Mundane Dr Who shows on Twitter under the hash tag of #mundanedrwho. The idea was to come up with slight variations of real Dr. Who shows that would make them boring in some way.

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Here are some of our favourite submissions ... as well as being a fun read some suggestions do make you stop and think about what the real show title was.

The following were suggested by a number of Twitterers ...

The Nice Warriors


Spearmints from Mars

Terror of the Zygotes

Daleks In Matalan

The Dalek Invasion of Perth

The following appeared to be the sole work of these Twitterers ...

The Unquiet Deaf

The Files of Pompeii

Tea-Time and the Rani


The AOL 30 Day Trial Of A Time Lord

The Tampons of Weng-Chiang

The Unrinsible Enema

The Rooibos Operation

The Bran of Morbius

The Pantry Door Opens

The Keys of A Morris Marina

The Claws of Argos

The Planet of Ikeas

The Cursor of Peladon

The Caves of Andrew Sachs

The Ledger

The Macrame Terror

The Celestial Teamaker

The Julie Walters of Mars

The Hedge of Destruction

Some suggestions from us at The Quotable Doctor Who (@QuotableDrWho) ...

Planet of the Itsy-Bitsy Spiders

Carnival Cruise of Monsters

Ambassadors of Ferrero Rocher

The Kind Robber


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