Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quotable Doctor Who Quotes Wishes Dr Who Fans and Crew a Very Happy New Year in a Special 'Know Your Who People' Quiz.

Quotable Dr Who Quotes Wishes
Doctor Who Fans and Crew a Very Happy New Year
in a Special "Know Your 'Dr Who' People" Quiz.

Rather than simply offer our heartfelt wishes and thanks for 2011, we thought we'd turn our New Year message into a fun Doctor Who Quiz and see how well you know your favourite TV show.

We have used the letters of "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to spell out the names of supporting characters from the New Series of Doctor Who. All you have to do is to name the actor who played that character.

Answers after the bump ...

Harriett Jones
Anne Droid
Pete Tyler
Professor River Song
Yvonne Hartman

Nasreen Chaudry
Edwin Bracewell
Winston Churchill

Young Amelia Pond
Elton Pope
Abigail Pettigrew
Rosita Farisi

Harriett Jones [played by Penelope Wilton]
Anne Droid [Anne Robinson]
Pete Tyler [Shaun Dingwall]
Professor River Song [Alex Kingston]
Yvonne Hartman [Tracy-Ann Oberman]

Nasreen Chaudry [Meera Syal]
Edwin Bracewell [Bill Paterson]
Winston Churchill [Ian McNeice]

Young Amelia Pond [Caitlin Blackwood]
Elton Pope [Marc Warren]
Abigail Pettigrew [Katherine Jenkins]
Rosita Farisi [Velile Tshabalala]

No prizes if you got all twelve answers right, but there is a prize quiz - to win a signed copy of The Quotable Doctor Who: Volume One - in our Quotable Dr Who Quiz on our 'Quiz and Puzzle' page (ends Jan 10th 2011).

We hope you had fun with this seasonal quiz and look forward to entertaining you some more in 2011 ...

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