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Happy Birthday John Barrowman aka Captain Jack on Dr Who / Torchwood

Happy Birthday John Barrowman
aka Captain Jack Harkness
on Doctor Who / Torchwood

Capt Jack Harkness + The Doctor + Martha
One of the best-loved actors to have appeared in the Dr Who series reboot celebrates his birthday today. John Barrowman who plays, the bisexual time-agent cum erstwhile companion of the Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness in both Doctor Who and his spin-off series Torchwood was born - in Glasgow - on this day in 1967.

To celebrate his 44th birthday here are a few quotations about John and Captain Jack ...

JOHN B. on Capt. Jack Harkness
"There's a lot of me in Captain Jack and there's a lot of Captain Jack in me. And there is no pun intended."

"I'm a grown man who gets to go to work every day and fight aliens, play with guns and kiss beautiful people. What more could I ask for?"

"When I go back to Doctor Who, I have to readjust and do things differently because Jack is not the leader, he's just part of a team. Jack is the brawn in that organisation, whereas in Torchwood, he's the brain and the brawn."

Others on John / Jack
John Barrowman's Autobiography
"Captain Jack Harkness makes his debut [in The Empty Child - 2005], and becomes one of the great fictitious captains in history."
Seth Moore on (2010)

"Enter Captain Jack, the 51st-century denizen who has evolved past bisexuality, past polysexuality, past pansexuality, into the realm of the just plain horny. As long as it might be able to say "Yes," it's a potential partner."
Whitney Cox on (2006)

It was ... the introduction of gorgeous pansexual eye-candy Captain Jack Harkness that made the First Series of the revival watchable."
Penny Sautereau-Fife on (2009)

"Captain Jack is so boring. If I'm gonna have to look at his face and acting, then they might as well hire David Duchvony."
Matthew Milam on (2006)

"Jack Harkness is played with gung-ho camp by John Barrowman, having appeared last year in Doctor Who as - steady, chaps - a bare-chested piece of homoerotic cheesecake."
David Belcher on (2006)

"In Jack regalia, Barrowman looks like Tom Cruise with suspenders, but minus the Scientology. (Except for when he starts musing about 'alien intervention,' 'mind probes,' and 'sleeper agents...ready to take over')."
Ken Tucker on (2008)

Above quotations taken from The Quotable Doctor Who - Volume One.


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