Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dr Who Competition - Win Official Doctor Who 2011 Calendars

WIN !! Official BBC Doctor Who 2011 Calendars

Blue Eyed Books has three brand new Dr Who Calendars - of the Fifth series starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond - to give away. 

Doctor Who is all about Time and Space, so if you have got the Space on your wall for this great Time 'piece', have a go at our quick Doctor Who quotes quiz for the chance to win a calendar (RRP £7.99)

Answer this question ... 

In A Christmas Carol, by what first name did the 11th Doctor claim to know a certain seasonal saint? 

" Father Christmas, Santa Claus, or,
as I've always known him ...
???? "

a. Jack     b. John     c. Jeff     d. Joe

Send your answer - with "Dr Who Calendar Comp" in the subject line and add your name, email address and country details in the message - to Blue Eyed Books [click here to email].
Competition closed Feb 7th.

BLUE EYED BOOKS is the publisher of THE QUOTABLE DOCTOR WHO quotes book - Volume One now available in the UK at 25% off (a saving of £3.74 on RRP). For more details, click here.

Competition closed: 7th Feb 2011
Chris Dawson, Leicester, UK
M. Jeffries, Aberdeen, Scotland
Jay Sigulic, Indianapolis, USA
Answer: c. Jeff

Thanks for all the entries from 14 different countries proving Doctor Who is a global, if not universal, phenomenon.
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