Vol 4 Episode Guide New Who

To be published in Sept. 2011


An exhaustive list covering most of the Doctor's BBC TV episodes
from An Unearthly Child in 1963 to the final episode of Series 6 in 2011.

Volume Three covers the Classic Who seasons 1- 26 (1963 to 1989)
Volume Four covers the New Series 1 - 6 (2005 to 2011)

With quotes from the actors and production crew, reviews from fans and critics, and general comments from everybody intrested ... Volume Three & Four builds into a comprehensive background to the more traditional, fact-based, technically-minded Doctor Who Episode Guides.

from VOLUME FOUR: NEW WHO ('05-'11)

Rose (2005) - "Once Rose made her run into the TARDIS the programme would never mean quite the same thing again. The popular - if inaccurate - iconography that surrounded it was reshaped forever after just 45 minutes and now Doctor Who is hip, modern and most definitely fun. The sets don’t wobble, the effects aren’t cheap and not everyone is acting in the Queen’s English."
John Connors on LiveFromMars.co.uk

"Peter Davison regenerated at the end of the bleakly violent but solid episode The Caves Of Adrozani (1984), having sacrificed his life for his companion Peri. He expired with a quiet dignity that also conveniently marked the last time Doctor Who was worth paying any serious attention to until Rose."
Christopher Bahn on AVClub.com (2010)

Dalek (2005) - "One man's Dalek is another man's Android of Tara."
Sarah Dempster in The Guardian (2005)

Dalek (2005) - "Consider this the I, Borg episode of Doctor Who."
Helen Angela Lee on BellaOnline.com (2010)

The Empty Child (2005) - "The first true film-noir for Doctor Who."
Matthew Walter on EyeOfHorus.org.uk

The Christmas Invasions (2005) - "The most wildly anticipated show of the season - the Doctor Who Christmas Special. 'Wildly anticipated' because a) Doctor Who was the best show of 2005 by about 16 billion parsecs and b) it's our first proper chance to see David Tennant in action. Thank God, then, that this doesn't disappoint in the slightest. In fact, it's possibly the greatest Christmas episode of any programme ever."
Charlie Brooker in The Guardian (2005)

Tooth & Claw (2006) - "This episode was like a grown up version of Scooby Doo - being chased by a werewolf around a giant mansion! All we needed was for the werewolf to chase the Doctor and Rose into a room and find they had transformed it into a barber’s shop, and that they tried to give him a shave, or the doctor being surprised by the werewolf as he made a giant sandwich."
'XXNapoleonSolo' on ScyFiLove.com (2008)

The Girl In The Fireplace (2006) - "There wasn’t that much particularly great about the second series. Tennant was still adjusting to the Doctor’s shoes, Billie Piper’s Rose was about to bugger off and there was even an episode that featured the devil (WTF?) Thankfully, the run of fairly average episodes was lightened enormously by this one, a masterpiece of character, wit and time."
Adam Mason on Alltern8.com (2010)

The Shakespeare Code (2007) - "Tonight, the Doctor goes back in time and visits William Shakespeare. Alas, poor Tardis, it's only a brief visit."
David Bianculli in The New York Daily News (2007)

Blink (2007) - "A more appropriate title for this episode would have been Don't Blink, or even Let's Prevent Annie from Ever Enjoying the Sculpture Garden of Any Museum Ever, Ever Again. Ever."
Annie Wu on TVSquad.com (2007)

Voyage of the Damned (2007) - "How is it remotely conceivable to become so wrapped up in your own clich├ęs and tropes that you are a mere parody of yourself after only three yearson the air?"
Catherynne M. Valente on PinkRayGun.com (2007)

Turn Left (2008) - "It’s always better to have too many ideas than too few and, in Turn Left, Russell T. Davies’ scattershot imagination fires new (and, indeed, old) faces, locations, concepts and mysteries at us like an ADHD-afflicted Raston Robot who's missed his Ritalin shot."
Paul Kirkley on BehindTheSofa.org.uk (2008)

The Stolen Earth / Journey's End (2008) - "How on Earth do you review that? … the most bonkers, delicious, audacious, brilliant, silly, exciting and scary piece of Doctor Who seen in the 45-year history … Doctor Who at its most show stopping, entertaining and brilliant best."
Mark Wright in The Stage (2008)

Journey’s End (2008) - "PHEW! Watching the final instalment of Doctor Who was like seeing a Rubik’s Cube clicked into place by a master: exciting, incomprehensible, satisfying and slightly irritating all at the same time."
Sarah Crompton in The Daily Telegraph (2008)

"The Next Doctor (2008) is the best Doctor Who Christmas special yet, or is at the least on a par with The Christmas Invasion. It doesn't have the emotional scope of the Doctor and Rose's farewell in Doomsday but it's moving, funny, impressive and has a big, beating heart. Possibly two, in fact."
Gareth McLean in The Guardian (2008)

"A grand slam, a perfect game, a triple play all steroid free and rolled into one. Behold ... The Next Doctor???!!!??
Joseph Savitski on SciFiCool.com (2009)

The End of Time (2009) - "The Master taking over the planet so every person on earth had his face was simple AND sinister: The New Avengers at its best."
Jim Shelley in The Mirror (2010)

Victory of the Daleks (2010) - "Oh dear. Oh bloody dear. What a total disaster this is. No words can really do this justice – this episode of Doctor Who is a complete and utter shambles ... It’s so totally disappointing that the best thing to do is simply pretend it never happened. You read it here first – there was no episode of Doctor Who this week. It got lost in the post."
Adam Mason on Alltern8.com (2010)

"Next week: The Pandorica Opens (2010). Not sure what the Pandorica is. Possibly a new kitchen equipment showroom in a Welsh mining village if this series’ low budget feel is anything to go by."
'LadyRibenaBeret' on WatchWithMothers.net (2010)

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