Thursday, 16 December 2010

DOCTOR WHO on TWITTER Part 2 - The Xmas Special : A Christmas Carol


from The Christmas Special to Christianity

Another random dip into the Twittersphere for a selection of our favourite Doctor Who related Tweets on Twitter from the last few days.

BBC DVD available in Feb 2011
With just over week before Christmas, the Dr Who Xmas Special - A Christmas Carol - gets top billing as fans all over the globe are slowly counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Doctor Who related Tweets 
from Dec 15-16th 2010

@JoMo1990 : Is it wrong that I dont think 9 days to christmas, rather 9 days to Dr Who?

@gnilwoce : Morning all, and now 9 days until we're fighting uncle Bob for the best chair to watch the Dr Who special :-)

@xiaodown : Watching Dr. Who Christmas specials during the Christmas season genuinely makes me happy

@ChadSavage : Talking about Santa Claus earlier, we decided that he's a Time Lord like Dr. Who. I mean, seriously - it explains everything.

@quotergal : They just put a few old Christmas Dr. Who eps on @bbcamerica - whipping through 'em like they're peanuts. Please sir, I want some more.

@makadajohnson : "Your full of s**t" will remain in my mind as the best thing i have seen on telly in 2010 unless the Dr Who christmas special is about me.

@riamichelle : So. Dr. Who Christmas special looks like it's going to be bad...ugh can I just have good Dr. Who again. Please.

@dwfrydendall : OH AWESOME!!! My Christmas present is always DR. WHO'S Christmas specials...

@ShankyNom : I don't like Christmas, I have to socialise with my family. Best time is when Dr Who is on and no one is allowed to make noise! :)

@DWMtweets : Back from the Christmas Doctor Who screening. FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait till Christmas Day to watch it all again...

To momentarily take our minds off the last Who episode of 2010, here are a few Tweets not about the Christmas Special ... yes, unbelievable, some Who fans are actually conversing about something not Chrismassy!

@DFJULES : Does anyone else think that being Dr. Who's companion is a bit like making a deal with the Devil?

@GeneHa : In 10 years, is Dr Who going to be played by a grade schooler?

@ITBlogger : When conservatives and liberals are able to sit together and watch Dr. Who, you know it's the end of the world. ;)

@thatlimabean : Knitting these daleks makes me want to watch Dr. Who so I can figure out what they are.

@LittleM0nster : Trainspotters; the only group of people that Doctor Who set reporters can call sad.

@ninadean1 : Ok so I like doctor who and haven and star gate and sanctuary and town called eureka. Does not make me sad. Just pathetic

@Peter_Blake : Doctor Who and Christianity aren't that different. Thanks to RTD, both contradict themselves.

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